> go inside lets play some webkinz

You come through the opening in your house, to the inside of it... OPENING IN HOUSE DIMENSIONS: 3 bricks high. 2 bricks across. There's really nothing in your house... there used to be dirt, but now you have covered it with fan leaves. Laying on the bare ground was cold. You have no clothes except for a pair of loose and linen white shorts, which have since been browned from the forest floor. The temperate days lead into colder nights- blocking your body from the ground has helped you stay warmer.

You learned how to keep yourself warm at night with your computer, which has also helped you with a lot of things. Thinking about your computer is giving you a sense of swelling pride, or maybe fondness more like. Fondness...

You get on your computer. Your computer is digital. It functions with data in a "discrete form", see... it works with digits "binary code" that translate into symbols on the "screen" that you are able to understand using its computer "memory"...

You have downloaded a survival guide for yourself, but you can only see one random page every day when you open the "file"... you don't think this is supposed to be happening. Your progress in building your shelter has been slowed because of this, too. You also have a "digital diary" that you keep online, with a guestbook. Your page is awesome. You have only 3 signatures on the guestbook. You have a good feeling more are going to come though. Ahh, you shouldn't have thought that. You are probably cursed now to never get another signature on your page. You get up and walk outside to knock on a tree. That relieves you a little bit... You duck back inside again. You don't know what webkinz is.

> Open digital diary

> Open "Tree survival (tree survival for dumpheads) Trying to survive in teh forest edition 3 (TREE?)"

> Go back outside