> Anonymous said: Close inventory

Fuck. There's nothing of use in there. Your mind, in the moment, only goes to the solution of stabbing, and neither the paper of the rope is able to do that. FUCK.

You're able to say that nothing like this has happened to you in your stay here. This is a surprise. In an act of desperation, you position yourself so your legs are aligned up against the bottom of the trunk, and your free hand placed next to the hole, and use the tree as leverage to push away. You do this... a couple times... but the pulling doesn't ease. SHIT!

There's a couple moments where you ease up, relaxing yourself from the previous position, before you feel your entire body get tugged into the tree completely, like a rag doll.

You find yourself in another room. The floor is checkered red and blue. It is about 30 feet by 20 feet by 45 feet... and completely empty... yes... besides the piles of objects sliding up against the corner of one wall, and permeating the floor to the other side.

Here's a list of things you can see in the mass:

- Stick

- Pieces of cloth

- Hairbrush

- Metal rod

- Door keys

- Dirt

- Stereo

- Painting

But your listing is suddenly interrupted...