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You say, "Don't you have a real name? Come on... I think we can figure this out, yes?"

He says, "Hmm. But what if you just use it. To not call me 'The Collector'. I don't think I can trust you. I only just met you. We haven't had the time to build a foundation of trust. We haven't gotten to know each other. Or spent time together anywhere. Except here. I haven't experienced incidents that allow the disbelief that you could hurt me. At any minute. To disappear."

You say you get the idea already.

Then, you say, "I just want to know... so maybe we can trade names. Yes, I've already come up with a solution. We can both be 'The Collector'... why not? But I can call you your name... and you can call me mine... but we both know that we're both 'The Collectors'... why not?"

He looks at you for a minute. You look at him for a minute. Then he says "OK. I have to think. About it. But you can give me your name first. I don't think this will do anything. But I think it establishes. The amount of distrust that I have right now. But I agree to this, see. Don't get me wrong."

Your name is "LEVON CARSON."

His name is "DANIEL CASIEL".

Chapter 3