> ewaneneollav said: a new mask for casiel

You figure... that you would like to make something in the like of one of his masks... you think a memento like that... would be "cool"... yes...

You think you will make it life sized... the size of a face... yes...

You are "excited" now... you think this is going to be "really fun"... and an opportunity to work on your craftsmanship. This has not come along yet in your time here... you realize most of your days were spent doing your "collector's duty" and "logging" on the "world wide web".

You think though... you want to be able to "paint" it when you're done sculpting... you've gone through this process before... but you had access to paint then... where would you get something to dye this "collector's mask" now? Perhapps... the red bark on the trees... and the green water from the lake... will "STAIN" it the right colors. WELL... you're so excited about this now.

The first thing you want to do is carve the clay, though... OBVIOUSLY! You will go through the process of finding a "sharp rock", bringing your clay back home, laying it out on the ground, guide it into the shape of a face, feel a beetle on your back, pick it off and pin it to the wall, sit back down, use another strip of clay to shape the "mouth"... dent the clay with your rock and "press in" the eyes and nose. This is really exciting. Now you think, I will go back to the lake, and "STAIN" it.

> Look behind you

> Walk to the lake

> Check the time

> Check your computer