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You open the guestbook listed on the side of your page. There are three people who've signed.

Date: Sun, Feb 20 2000

Name: angelicanaughty68

E-mail: angelicanaughty68@ntlworld.com

hi there... if you're looking for fun don't be afraid to email me, or shoot me a message ;) im feeling naughty right now. unfortunately i cant do anything in real life for a couple days -_-; so e-mail me and i'll set up a live camera :)

Date: Thu, June 8 2000

Name: lovely5500

E-mail: iloveu@angelic.com

i like reading your diary...

Date: Mon, September 4 2000

Name: fuckpenizzzbbbbb39323293029320389e

E-mail: fuckyoy@penis.com

You are a stupid head... HA HA

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