> noleverage-nopleasure said: Check pocket inventory

Your pocket inventory looks like this:

Slot 1: "rusty needle"

You found this on the ground. Most of everything you have is just things you found on the ground, and the thought of a scenario where you would need the object and not have it because of your earlier refusal was provoking enough to get you to slot it.

Slot 2: "thin rope" (2 feet long)

Slot 3: "blank paper"

Slot 4: Empty

Slot 5: Empty

Slot 6: Empty

Slot 7: Empty

Slot 8: Empty

You have a sudden genius idea... taking the needle out of your pocket, you hold it up in the light. You have a genius idea yourself, yes. This idea fills you with spirit, enough to take the beetle off of your leg with your bare fingers. Holding the beetle against the wall of your house, you insert the needle through it, directly through the circle and into the clay behind it. You look at it as not a singular beetle, but more representative of all of the other beetles that came your way, as if the striking of this one is a blow to the rest of them. Yes, you look at it pinned to the wall. It's definitely dead. It's pinned into the front of your house, to the right of the door. You are going to fill this wall as you feel appropriate.

You have two things you're collecting, now. You are collecting signings in your guest book. This is something to look forward to... and your beetles. You are definitely a collector now. You are going to incorporate this into your web page. You are the "collector"... you think. This is a role you can work on. Moseying around the forest is stupid and depressing. You have purpose now... yes. A "collector"...

> End of chapter 1