> zoopyhigh said: "How did you get this much stuff?"

You say, "How did you get this much stuff?"

"My stuff..." he says and looks it over. "I use my 'masks'. This is my ability. My 'masks'. They 'collect' things. They 'pick things up'. Using their mouths, see. You got 'picked up' because you came too close to the tree. They can 'extend off of my back'. This is my ability."

You continue making eye contact with him.

You ask another question. "How have I never seen you? I've been here six months... yes... I've passed this tree before..."

He says, "I don't know."

You say, "You have a lot of stuff..." He looks at you. You look at him. He says, "Yes. I'm 'The Collector'. It's a title I gave myself, see. I collect objects. It's just who I am."

You say, "OK... wait, no... what?"

He says, "What?"

You say, "No... you're not 'The Collector'... I'M 'The Collector'. I decided this... I collect beetles... you can't be The Collector, when I'm The Collector?"

He says, "How are you The Collector? I'M 'The Collector.' I have an 'ability'. Can't you see all of my things? I have so many things that I collected. Who are you anyways? Why are you The Collector when I'm The Collector?"

> "Don't you have a real name?"

> "My head hurts. I need to leave..."

> Attack him (Go in for the juggalo vein)