> spiritedphone said: collect clay :o0

You stand in the lake for a while, basking in the water. This is the only time you'll have for a while before it becomes cold, you're guessing. You had only come here at the tail end of February, enjoying the spring and summer, but now it is fall, so next is winter. Your mind wanders to the masks Casiel is in possession of... thinking about the way they snake around him, baring their teeth, makes you uneasy. You look around nervously for no reason. Casiel has a lot more "stuff" than you you think... yes... interesting. You are both the "collector".

You think today you will definitely bring Casiel something. For him to collect. You're returning the favor... for the pins... yes...

Digging up 6 handfuls of clay and putting them in one of your "digital inventory" slots takes up the next 8 minutes of your time. Your plan is- that you will make something out of the clay. A sculpture, in the shape of something. Your only question is... what should you make?

> What should be made?