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O.K. so we got some real FUNNY guys here...

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February 22 2000.

yesterday i forgot to say that it's been a week out here. now its 8 days today. That's two fours... I think today is a day of recognition and luck. i don't feel like writing. I want to go outside -_-; ... (Thank you angelicanaughty68 for showing me this emoticon. if anyone is reading this please go check out their page...they signed my guestbook 2 days ago.)

anyway, i'm going outside. today is the first 8th day, so i feel lucky. as lucky as i can be right now...

Signing off (for now1)

! *

April 20 2000.

last night i remembered something really profound. it was from when i was little. my father was obsessed with this author, i can't remember his name though. He wrote some large book... anyways, when i was little, he read me excerpts from it... maybe he thought it would improve my vocabulary, just by hearing it. He would definitely always make a huge deal out of it being a book that required a lot of parsing and extensive vocabulary skill to understand. i think i refused to understand it, like i was abiding by a rule that it was a book i wasn't old enough to get, but i still understood some parts. I bet i could understand it a lot better now... maybe even better than anyone else... well, anyways, i decided when i was really little, while he was reading to me, that i would remember that moment for as long as i could. i had been thinking about how my memory worked at the time for a while. it worked too... yes... and the excerpt he read to me was about a father describing to his son a book he had read when HE was little that was about a father kicking his son out of the home... and never seeing him again. the father in the book that my father read, not the book the father in the book read, was telling his son this because he was promising he would never do anything like that to him, yes. he said... it was something about old values, how he wanted to disown them, it's very vague in my mind though... well i remembered remembering that moment. it struck me as profound with my current situation of course...

my father's estate is established by a "hierarchy", see... and i was his only child. writing this now... I have to wonder what he'll do. It frightens me to think that there is a sibling of mine that is just out there. that is all i want to say today. today, i found five dead birds lying on the ground, too. i think lightning struck them during the night. I buried the fifth one so i could have four. that's all the eventful stuff i got...yes...

Signing off (for now)

June 09 2000.

it's getting lonely out here... OH GAWD... *clings to my computer* no, i'm doing okay, though. i like looking at everyone's pages so much. i limit myself to 16 pages per day, or if i go under, 12, then 8, or 4 as the minimum, besides not even going on-line at all. yesterday was another "eighth day", too... i found a shiny coin on the ground. and GUESS WHAT. it was the FOURTH coin i've found... so AWESOMENESS! So this is the reason i feel good. i can't believe i have to wait 7 more days until the next "eighth day". or is it eight? o_o yeaaa... anyways... i'm going to go now. cause i want to start harvesting more clay, or branches, or something. I'm not sure... see i don't use them for anything, i feel like i should build stuff with the things i gather. it's like i am doing the steps to building, without building. LOL. Just a joke. alright, goodbye. Signing off (for now!)

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