> zoopyhigh said: open digital inventory

You open your digital inventory.

You have access to two inventories, your "digital inventory" and your "pocket inventory"...Your "pocket inventory" is the mechanic that allows you to store things in the pockets of your linen shorts. There are 8 "slots" supporting this... allowing you to hold and remove anything that you pick up at anytime, with a rational size limit. Your "digital inventory" holds 4 slots, for anything you pick up to be removed at anytime, but there is no rational size limit. Your "digital inventory" allows you to "upload", or "load" something into your computer, as long as any attachments to anything are obsolete. An example you would think of is: A rooted tree would not be able to be "uploaded" into your computer for access, but if you were to remove the base of the tree from the rest with a tool like a saw, you would find yourself filling up a slot in no time. In your digital inventory, you are also able to hold multiple of the same thing in one slot, as long as the size isn't so big... you haven't figured out the exact measurements of what can and cannot be held in something like a bundle... but you always have a pretty good guess... A bundle holds 40 objects maximum.

Currently your digital inventory holds:

Slot 1: 40 "sticks"

Slot 2: 40 "handfuls of clay"

Slot 3: 8 "dead birds"

Slot 4: Empty

In your time you have been able to collect eight dead birds from the ground. You've found more, but allowing yourself to only collect four at a time has been relieving. You don't know what to do with them though, the idea of uploading them and taking them out is haunting. So really, you only have 3 slots, because you think that one slot is going to be preoccupied for awhile... if you ever will yourself to open it...

> Check pocket inventory

> Go left

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